That wonderful old tradition of Business Cards achieved several goals:

  • Let the recipient know that you thought it was worth their time and attention.
  • Respectively, but the determination to see yourself in the hands of the recipient, rather than throwing yourself into their day for an inopportune moment.
  • He gave the correct spelling of his name and sometimes an association or a title. The Matt black stainless steel cards are a great way to promote yourself or your brand. 
  • Invite a new friend to contact you.
  • Define your position and responsibilities
  • Provide more or up to four means of contacting you: postal address, telephone, fax number, email address, and occasionally alternate telephone numbers and the telephone number of your assistant.

How to distribute business cards and to whom?

  • If you are sure you will be dealing with someone in the future, ask for their business card and give yours in return.
  • When someone gives you a business card, don't take it and put it in your pocket. Take some time to look at it, perhaps complementing your design. Then keep it in your wallet or planner.
  • Offer cards one to one person, not a bunch, as if you're trying to flood the market with your business card.
  • Offering your card privately to someone at a social event is perfectly fine, but suggest postponing the detailed business talk until another day.