Business Cards – How It All Started

Swapping business cards is a normal thing to do when you meet someone you want to keep in touch with who has achieved the status of being a socialite, but where does it all begin? What led us to the habit of swapping out a small print card to make sure colleagues and other work contacts can stay in touch with each other?

Early days

It all began in Europe in the sixteenth century, perhaps in France, when gentlemen used playing cards to write notes to each other, and the acceptance of playing card games was a polite endeavor until they were accepted as legally binding documents. The note could be a debt receipt, a money promissory note, or a business agreement, and they were known as “holder cards” in recognition of the fact that once the card was signed, the bearer had a contract in his hand.

Business Cards Emerge

In the late nineteenth century, the metal business cards as we see it today began to appear in the United States, where a clear distinction was made between a visiting card and a business card. Visiting cards were social kindness, used, and well done by the elite.

Business cards also contain the name and details of the person distributing them, but they have been used by stores and businesses more widely to promote themselves. Using the business card for social purposes was considered very bad behavior, implying that they were promoting the business. So for the first time, the premium business card appeared.

As contact cards are becoming less and less preferred, the business card has become the main means of passing your details on to someone else. As business card printing has evolved, so has the range of designs that can be included, but the basic principle is the same. It serves as a reminder of who you are, what you do, how someone can relate to you, and in that respect, there seems to be a lot to stay.

Your business card Companion around the World

That wonderful old tradition of Business Cards achieved several goals:

  • Let the recipient know that you thought it was worth their time and attention.
  • Respectively, but the determination to see yourself in the hands of the recipient, rather than throwing yourself into their day for an inopportune moment.
  • He gave the correct spelling of his name and sometimes an association or a title. The Matt black stainless steel cards are a great way to promote yourself or your brand. 
  • Invite a new friend to contact you.
  • Define your position and responsibilities
  • Provide more or up to four means of contacting you: postal address, telephone, fax number, email address, and occasionally alternate telephone numbers and the telephone number of your assistant.

How to distribute business cards and to whom?

  • If you are sure you will be dealing with someone in the future, ask for their business card and give yours in return.
  • When someone gives you a business card, don't take it and put it in your pocket. Take some time to look at it, perhaps complementing your design. Then keep it in your wallet or planner.
  • Offer cards one to one person, not a bunch, as if you're trying to flood the market with your business card.
  • Offering your card privately to someone at a social event is perfectly fine, but suggest postponing the detailed business talk until another day.