Health coaching is a relatively new profession that focuses on helping people achieve positive changes in their health, physical, mental, and emotional lives that they could not achieve on their own. 

We're talking about people who decide that the personal costs of not making some changes are too great. They were willing to trade pain for gain—one might say. You can also get more information about online health coaching via

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Here are a few "sick for-profit" reasons to hire (or become) a wellness coach:

1. Health training and weight loss

One of the most challenging (and scary) behavior changes people try to make is losing weight and keeping it off. We all know the health risks associated with being overweight. Many people have been dealing with losing and gaining weight for years. 

What can make the difference and break this cycle is having a trained professional guide you through the download and save? This can be achieved with some major lifestyle changes that are easier than you might think, especially with the support of a wellness coach. 

2. Health training and eating habits

A second related behavioral change that is often more challenging than weight loss is our eating habits. More energy, better sleep, less disease through a strengthened immune system, healthier skin, look better, feel better. 

Health coaches can create effective programs that make sense and are easy to implement if you're motivated to make some changes and reap the rewards.