Facebook Messenger Bot continues to gain popularity as a technology platform. Back then, nearly every tech website and podcast released headlines about Messenger Bot being the future of social media, especially to business communication and customer interaction. As a marketer or business owner, Messenger Bots is now something you cannot afford to ignore. That's because of the numerous features that come with each one, and you need to know what you're getting into before getting one. Here are some of the things that you should know about Messenger Bot.

One: Unlike your typical email marketing service, Messenger Bot comes integrated with several social networking platforms. It supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, and many more. There are also several add-ons that you can install in Messenger Bot, such as Google Maps, TweetDeck, coupon codes, and API Keys. Basically, Messenger Bot gives you the complete functionality that you need for your email marketing campaigns.

Two: The thing that sets messenger bots apart from other lead generation platforms is their extensive use of the Web 2.0 multimedia platform. You will be able to integrate video, audio, and animation into your messages so you can reach out to your customers on a more personal level. This goes beyond basic message customization, too. Through the bot academy, you will be able to integrate the functionality of a real person into the messaging process. You will have a lot more freedom when creating ads and posting content.

Three: Unlike other lead generation services, an email marketing service based on a messenger bot will allow you to customize the messages and content that go into your subscriber's inbox. Messenger Bot allows you to include links, buttons, and opt-in boxes that will give your subscribers more options when it comes to what they see in their messages. You can also customize your subscription page through the Bot App, so you get to showcase the visual merchandising of your company in a way that your customers will appreciate.

Four: On top of all of the functionality, Messenger Bots will give you the ability to set up your marketing campaign on autopilot. This will allow you to focus on more important tasks, like creating new product releases, improving the content of your website, and building up your customer list. Because it's an open-source project, there are plenty of community contributions available for you to use. There are many different plugins available for messenger bots that will allow you to integrate popular web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, into your campaigns. In addition, you have access to the open-source code that powers the messaging platform.

Five: With a marketing campaign that is built around the idea of a personal human interface, Facebook Messenger Bot can provide an unparalleled opportunity for marketers to connect with their subscribers. Unlike other types of messaging programs such as the text-based version, you can build your message with the bot and have it automatically inserted into your email message. It allows you to add your Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube links, and many more. In addition, you have the ability to customize your email recipients with a wide variety of options, which means that you can create very targeted lists for your marketing efforts. You can use the same applications for other social media app extensions, allowing you to make the most of each application and build the most effective network possible.

Six: In addition to the personal touch you receive from having conversations with potential customers, Messenger Bot offers some additional features that may prove to be useful to you. For example, some bot applications have the ability to integrate with Facebook Messenger bots, which means that you can update both applications at the same time. In addition, the bot can be set up to send out sales and discount announcements. The real draw of Messenger Bot lies in the ease of integration with existing Facebook and Twitter applications, but the bot offers you plenty of flexibility when using it to market your business.

Seven: Like the Facebook application, the Messenger Bot allows you to interact directly with customers. For example, you can post an online survey or feedback, which allows other bot users to respond as well. The feedback you receive will help you improve your services. Additionally, the bot can notify customers about any specials they are currently on. While this may seem like a small feature, the impact it can have on customer service is profound, and it provides a way for you to reach out to new groups of people. If you want to give your customers more options and a human element to their interaction with your company, Messenger Bots is a great way to do it.