Antenatal care (ANC) is a term used to describe medical care and procedures that are carried out to and for pregnant women. It is the health care that is rendered to the pregnant women throughout pregnancy until the child’s birth and is aimed at detecting the already existing problems and/or problems that can develop during pregnancy, affecting the pregnant woman and/or her unborn child.

The care includes various screening tests, diagnostic procedures, prophylactic treatments, some of which are done routinely, and others are provided to the women based on identified problems and risk factors. If you want the best antenatal care services then you must visit

High-quality antenatal care is one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy complications. This examination is the routine care that women can expect to receive during their pregnancy. It is very important to go to all scheduled appointments where both, the mother and the baby, are closely examined. During these visits, risk factors can be identified and possible health consequences can be prevented or treated.

Nowadays, however, many complications and diseases can be detected very early in pregnancy as medical knowledge and technology have improved substantially over the years. The possibility of early identification of risk factors and detection of complications at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy enables effective treatment or even prevention of disease.