Many companies sell capsule polishing machines to remove excess dust from the outside of the capsules that are created when the capsules are filled.

Residual dust from the capsule filling process can cause quality problems to the packaging system and packaging materials, such as Poor sealing, and here polishing machines are used. You can also check for the capsule polisher machine via

capsule polisher machine

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VCP vertical capsule polishing machine

The most efficient polisher today the VCP Vertical Polisher is rugged and reliable, designed to reduce the frequency of strangers and dismantling for cleaning, inspection, and replacement.

The VCP vertical capsule polishing machine replaces other types of polishing machines with an efficient method that does not require chemicals or disposable products.

The VCP vertical capsule polishing machine is a modern and cost-effective solution to your capsule cleaning problem. With productivity of 400,000 capsules per hour.

The VCP vertical is the ideal onboard companion for automatic or semi-automatic capsule filling machines or as a standalone batch polishing machine.

Capsules are carefully transported through a polishing machine with a soft nylon rotary brush, which carefully removes dust and grime from the capsules. The vacuum is used to remove any impurities that may be in the batch or that may appear during polishing.