One of the things to consider when one is looking at alcohol rehab center options is whether it is an outpatient rehab center that is to be chosen or whether it is an inpatient facility that is preferable. While both have their merits, there are several points of difference between alcohol outpatient rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab:

Practical differences: It is not just a matter of where you lay your head to rest at night that makes outpatient alcohol rehab different from an alcohol rehab center that offers inpatient facilities.

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With an inpatient facility, one is required to commit to the program more totally; it offers a 24 x 7 residential facility that isolates an individual from the outside world. 

Differences in commitment and focus: With an inpatient facility the focus is on recovery, with no distractions or temptations. One would be required to put life on hold for a bit until the alcohol rehab center is able to resolve the problems that one faces and until one is able to be functional without help.

With a more severe alcohol addiction problem, an inpatient facility would be indicated, as against an outpatient facility. With an inpatient facility, there is more emphasis on the process of recovery and everything is structured towards this.