There are many themes that you could choose to host a birthday celebration. Everyone, including the children and parents, has to create that WOW factor when they host the event. Here are three of the most popular teen birthday themes that can help you plan your next event.

1.) Spa Party: It can't get any better than having a spa day! Visit a store such as Bath and Body Works and purchase a range of spa products. You can also get a spa package for a birthday celebration from any party organizer. 

birthday party spa packages

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2.) Teenage Game Mega Party: A mega party is focused on games! It could be for teen girls or guys. Before the birthday party, create a list of 20-30 games for a teenage birthday party. Prepare all the materials needed, and then follow the instructions on how to complete them.

3.) Mall scavenger hunt:  What are the things that teenagers enjoy? Going to the mall! The trick is to take a trip to the store a few days prior and make 10 clues while looking around the shops, the food court, and so on.

The day before the celebration let them complete the scavenger hunt all on their own. Group them up into groups, and then set on a quest to find the clues!