The Oracle Kubernetes service, which is based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and uses OCIR to store, share, and mount images. The second level is OKAY. This Oracle creates 3 master nodes and 3 high availability clusters, etc. There are some companies like that provide Kubernetes storage services.

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In three different domains in the region. If the third level is workers, it could be virtual machines or empty metal clusters managed by clients. At OKE you only pay for nodes that are working, OCIR and OKE are free.

How to start Kubernetes on Oracle:

There are basically three methods for starting OCI Kubernetes:

Manage your own container management: use OCI components to create Kubernetes clusters and implement container execution environments such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos (DIY, model).

Quick start experiment: Automated terraformed model for building Kubernetes cluster components (Github Terraformer).

Kubernetes Container Engine: OKE is an OCI managed service with which Kubernetes clusters are deployed in just a few steps.

Container Engine for Kubernetes is a highly accessible and manageable service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Used to deploy cloud applications on OCI. We can build applications using Docker Containers and then deploy them to OCI using Kubernetes. 

Kubernetes groups application containers into logical units called pods. We can manage Container Engine for Kubernetes via API or console.