If your windshield is damaged or shattered, you may be stressed about having to replace it. While price is always an issue for car owners, you may also be unsure where to take your car for repair and how to find the right type of replacement glass. 

The good news is that side mirror replacement is an established service and in most cities, you can now find specialized Windshield replacement experts to do the job.

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Your Dealer isn't the Expert

When there is damage the first thought that most car owners have is to drive their car and return it to the dealer. But when you're dealing with car glass repair, it's not the best option. The dealer will have the repair or replacement work completed by professionals, and then mark up the price dramatically. You can cut costs by visiting an expert in windshield repair.

Beware of Your Local Garage

Do not take a damaged side window or windshield into a nearby garage. It is important to ensure that the replacement or repair task is done by only experienced and certified experts in windshield repair. 

Repair Or Replacement

If your glass side has been damaged it is possible that you are contemplating whether it can be repaired. In most instances, the answer is no. Front windshields can be repaired since they are made of laminated glass. However, rear or side glass, in the majority of instances of damage, needs to be repaired or replaced. 

It is best to bring your car to a professional car glass repair service as soon as you notice the damage and then get their expert opinion on replacement or repair.