Many of us have accepted the fact that wires from our gadget chargers will always clutter up our homes. You can now buy one compact and portable device that can charge multiple devices simultaneously from renowned service providers via

The latest gadgets on the market are mobile wireless charger pads. While wireless charging is not a new concept, techies have created wireless chargers that allow you to place your device on a charging mat and charge it. The charging mat for mobile wireless chargers only has one wire that plugs into the wall.

There are no wires between the charging pad, and the devices you are using to charge them. You only need to attach a small clip, accessory, or case, depending on which brand, to your phone or other rechargeable device and then lay it on the charging mat. These pads are a great way to reduce clutter and use just one wire with a stylish mat or pad.

These pads are easy to use. All you need to do is place your device on the mat and it will start charging. These pads are great because you can charge multiple devices simultaneously (MP3 player/camera, mobile phone, etc.).

Multiple mobile wireless chargers can charge three devices at once. Simply plug the charger in and place your device on the mat. It will charge just as fast as a standard charger.