The average coffee mug, which is available almost everywhere, is made of ceramic and often has a printed design. These mugs are inexpensive and easily produced. You can also buy etched glass mugs for a little more. Plastic mugs are great for those who are not as confident, especially if they're trying to get their first cup of coffee. 

These mugs will be fine if your coffee is going to be brewed at home. You can always reheat your coffee if it gets cold after a while. These are great options for home but you will need something extra to ensure your coffee doesn't get cold. A Contigo thermal coffee mug is the solution to these problems. You can buy Contigo thermal mugs via

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There are many styles of thermal coffee mugs, but almost all have two walls, with either air, foam, or vacuum between. This helps to insulate the beverage from heat loss and keeps it warm for longer. The heat from the interior wall heats up but it does not reach the exterior wall. Thermal mugs also have the added benefit of being portable.

They come with lids that can be screwed on or snapped onto the top. The lid serves two purposes, it keeps the coffee warm and prevents spills. This is a great feature for driving on the highway. Good lids have a snap-shut spout, which helps to avoid even small spillages. Most Contigo thermal travel mugs can be made of either steel or plastic, although some have both.