Why choose a temporary furnished apartment when moving to another city or for a short-term job? This article shows some reasons to choose a temporary furnished apartment over a hotel. Let's start with the price is the more important factor. In furnished apartments, the operator does not charge taxes if the stay is 30 days or more. So take a look at all-inclusive rates.

These furnished apartments typically offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen cable TV, free local calls (some also offer free long-distance calls), laundry, underground parking, gym, swimming pool, housekeeping, and more. The hotel charges a phenomenal amount for laundry.

In comparison, in a furnished apartment, you have the flexibility to do so much laundry at a time that is convenient for you and save so much money. You can consider the short term apartments in Luxembourg at https://www.luxflat.lu/short-term-apartments/.

In a one-bedroom apartment, three is never crowded! Furnished one-bedroom apartments usually have a double bed in the master bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. In addition, most operators provide an extra mattress for free. So for a small family, it makes more sense to rent a furnished apartment than a hotel. 

One of the most important factors when renting a furnished apartment is the flexibility of guests to prepare their own meals. With food prices continuing to rise, it makes more sense to rent a furnished apartment. For a family of four, you can save at least thirty to forty dollars a day cooking for yourself.

The underground car park is also important. Most of these furnished apartments have underground parking as opposed to outdoor parking. It takes a lot of effort to clear the night snow from your car when there is no underground parking space.