It can be overwhelming to try and find the right placement for senior citizens in your care. There are many factors and options to consider. 

It is important to research all possible options at before making a decision. This article will provide information on the most popular options for senior living.

For some people who only require minimal assistance with daily living, in-home care may be a good option. It is natural to wish to take care of loved ones at home as long as you can. However, there comes a point when caregivers and senior citizens need to be aware of other options.

Seniors who can live independently in retirement communities have the option of accessing 24-hour emergency services. These communities offer a variety of social activities, as well as meal preparation and transportation. Many of these communities offer transitional care.

Seniors who are alert, but no longer able or able to live independently safely in their own homes can use assisted living facilities. 

These facilities often offer separate Alzheimer’s care options. These seniors receive some personal care assistance and need medication monitoring, but they can still take part in activities and outings.

Board and care homes provide a higher level of care for seniors with limited mobility. They are usually staffed by night and day caregivers. These facilities often have separate programs for Alzheimer’s patients. 

A skilled nursing facility is a next option. Skilled nursing homes are the best option for seniors who need 24-hour skilled nursing care, complete personal care services, and are unable or unwilling to reposition themselves in bed.