Optometrists have years of experience and are highly qualified professionals. They must complete a year of training before they can see patients. You can be confident that optometrists are qualified to diagnose and recommend the best treatments for your eye problems.

You can search Google to find many optometrists who offer eye care services. Optometrists tend to own their own private practices. You have the option to see an eye doctor in Toronto in private practice or at the hospital.


Optometrists will first check your eyesight when you visit them. To determine the problem, you will need to complete an eye screening test. An optometrist will then provide corrective lenses and spectacles to help improve your vision.

Optometrists may also conduct additional tests for vision depth, vision coordination, and color blindness. They will advise you on the best treatment for you if you have any of these conditions. They may recommend therapy or surgery for more severe cases.

Don't stare at the television or computer screen for too long. Keep your eyes protected from the sun. Regular visits to an optometrist are necessary to ensure your eyes stay healthy. You can search Google for optometrists or use the Yellow Pages directory to find local listings in Toronto.