With the upsurge of self improvement strategies almost everyone has heard of the term “positive thinking,” but frankly speaking what does it imply?

Well, positive thinking is all about possessing a deep and resolute belief that there is always a silver lining in each and every predicament you might find yourself in. Next technique or method is Raikov Effect technique which has proved to be helpful in increasing brain power.

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Eating certain foods that can enhance your mental capacity right away. Chocolate is among the most recommended foods that are good for the brain.

It is known to stimulate the brain and boost the flow of the blood that improves concentration and further the capabilities of a person’s learning.

The element that keeps the function of the brain is the folic acid. You can get this from foods like leafy vegetables, liver products, grain items, legumes and sunflower seeds.

Keeping yourself mentally active like reading, playing games that make your mind work such as chess, puzzle, guessing game, vocabulary game and others.

The region of the feeling of pain from the brain modulates the spinal column to secrete natural pain killers which manages the high degree of pain economically.  Other bodily ailments such as back pain, arthritis and these can be medicated with yoga.