Boxing is about 80% anaerobic and 20% aerobic, so combine interval training along with cardio and strength training. This exercise combines strength, power, speed, agility and speed into one to ensure you become a balanced fighter.

If you don't want to be a boxer, still you need all these self-defense things and they can help you become a better athlete in your sport. Before you get into the actual training, understand the activities and exercises that you will use in your training. You can also browse online resources to learn boxing in Rotterdam (also known as “leren boksen rotterdam” in the Dutch Language).

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Jump rope is a popular form of cardio that reduces your body fat while making for a fun and intense workout. There are many other benefits of jumping rope that are important to a boxer, including improved coordination, speed, endurance, agility, and footwork.

There are many types of jump rope, but here are the three you need:


Stay still as you lift your knees high with each twist of the rope. This is the basic and easiest way to jump rope.


Do two turns on the rope with each jump. This style is more difficult to learn, so only use it once you've mastered the in-place running style. For more details about how to learn boxing in Rotterdam visit


Cross your arms at your elbows in a downward motion of the rope and jump through the hoop. On the next swing, straighten your arms and repeat. This style is great if you're looking for a challenging way to jump rope.

Beginners who want to jump rope need to be patient as it takes time to build up your skills. If you tend to trip over the ropes, don't get frustrated, just relax and try again. Jumping rope will be very easy for you and your skills will improve. Shadow box is often done as a warm-up before using a heavy bag.