An air compressor is among the most useful tools in a garage or workshop.Air compressors"operate" cool and are extremely durable. First and foremost, air compressors are amazingly versatile, as they may be used for much more than just inflating tires.   

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Here are some of the more common attachments which are powered by an air compressor: 

Air nail gun: Useful especially in roofing jobs, the compressor offers the dependable, significant capability to drive nails. 

Air stapler: Among the very best areas to use a stapler is in placing carpeting, but a stapler can also be useful in design work, some carpentry work, and other general home repair jobs. 

Air sander:  For large scale sanding tasks, an air compressor provides the needed power to get the work done. Automobiles (paint), hardwood flooring, and drywall are a couple of such uses. 

Air spray gun: Painting jobs take only a portion of time using an air spray gun. Along with cutting painting time, there's less setup and clean up involved if you don't need to think about brushes, rollers, and pans. 

Air caulking gun: An air caulking gun provides a more consistent amount of pressure than a hand-powered gun provides, thus, allowing you to perform more quality work.

Air hammer/chisel: These tools are used for shaping, planishing, and scoring.

Air sandblaster: This is useful for refinishing cars or preparing surfaces for painting.

Air ratchet wrench: This tool is most helpful in automotive projects, providing the much-needed power that manual labor cannot provide, especially in tight spots.