Feet are a complicated part of the body since there are numerous small bones that are joined together by a lot of ligaments and moved by a lot of muscles. Furthermore we take the bodyweight on the feet and subject it to so many stresses and strains. To make it even worse we place the foot inside the artificial environment of a shoe. It's for this reason that the profession of podiatric medicine exists since there is just so much which will go wrong with the foot and associated structures. Podiatric physicians make use of a lots of different interventions to treat problems of the feet and lower limb.There are many different designs that can be varied, like the elevation of the mid-foot and also the level of shock absorption. There are even designs referred to as Kinetic wedge and Cluff Wedge.

The key to effectiveness of the Cluffy Wedge lies in the preloading of the hallux in dorsiflexion. By doing this before loading the forefoot, functional hallux limitus can be overcome. The slight elevation afforded by the Cluffy Wedge® immediately impacts the stability and function of the foot structures, creating a dramatic change.