How To Grow ZZ Plants Indoors

The ZZ plant is a perennial tropical plant native to eastern Africa. Its moniker derives from its botanical name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, and you may also know it as Zansibar gem or aroid palm.

ZZ is a common houseplant. ZZ plant is a common ornamental houseplant that has waxy oval-shaped leaves of dark green. ZZ plants are drought-resistant due to their rhizomes which are plant stems that grow underground that do not just grow roots and shoots but also store water and other beneficial nutrients. You can find the best zanzibar plant via

zanzibar plant

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How to care for ZZ Plants:

ZZ plants require little maintenance and won't need any time commitment. If you adhere to these easy ZZ gardening methods, maintaining your home plant is a piece of the cake.

Provide ZZ plants with bright, indirect lighting. ZZ plants are excellent indoor plants since they can withstand the conditions of low light, but they thrive in bright indirect lighting. They also thrive under fluorescent light which makes them a popular plant for offices. To avoid scorched leaves, keep them away from ZZ trees in the sunlight.

Put loose potting mix in a container that has drainage holes. A top-quality standard potting mix will be adequate for the ZZ plant as long as it has good drainage. For a better growing medium, mix three parts of the standard pots with one of succulent soil. Make sure you put the potting mix in a container that has drainage holes to ensure that water can drain.