Choosing The Best Balance Bike For Your Child

A balance bike is a bicycle without pedals that children 18 months of age can ride by pushing with their feet. This bicycle training method started and is slowly gaining popularity. 

This is the "balance first" philosophy that many parents embrace. You can also check for the best bike walk in South Florida through the web.


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Fitting your preschooler's bike properly is just as important as choosing a safety helmet. If the bike doesn't suit the rider, it will be difficult for him to learn to ride his new bike, or you will be forced to postpone his bicycle training until he is an adult on the bike.

The most important measurement to take is your child's inseam. Small riders should be able to keep both feet on the ground while sitting in the bicycle saddle. Leave a gap of one inch to make it easier for the child to get on and off the bike. 

Another decision you face when buying a bike is whether you want a model with a parking brake. Some models include brakes, some don't. While children rarely use the brakes to stop and prefer to drag their feet across the floor, it teaches them to stop with their hands.

The only thing that is certain is that the decision to buy a balance bike instead of teaching your child to ride on a stationary bike is a good solution. Children learn on a balance bike quickly and naturally and without fear.