How to Get Established As a Freelance Web Designer in Wellington

For new and hopeful designers wanting to make a living from design, the internet is proving to be a lucrative and invaluable route into the industry, by specializing in web design.

Once upon a time, it would have been very difficult for a graphic designer to build a career on their own, without first working at a design agency and building a creative portfolio.

Design gigs for new contractors would have been very limited and very hard to find. Nowadays, however, it is possible to both earn while you learn, as well as finding work as soon as you qualify. With hundreds of sites all over the internet dedicated to offering web design work at the best price, it is possible nowadays to find best web designer in Wellington  and get going straight away.

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There is of course a caveat. Obviously no new graphic designer or web designer is going to walk straight into a design agency or be given a contract to redesign the website of a Fortune 500 company. You're going to be starting at the bottom.

And you'll still need the skills. Chances are that all the best jobs will still require design degrees and years of experience, as well as the required industry experience.

However, what the internet has done, and continues to do, is offer new web designers a chance to work and build a decent portfolio of well-designed websites and a bit of experience under their design belts so that they can feel confident applying to the bigger design jobs.

Online job boards like Virtual Assistants, Odesk, Elance, and Sologig now provide freelancing designers with a level playing field when applying for thousands of web design jobs. On these job boards, the job is awarded not for who you might know, but rather how good your web design skills are. Every job site will feature multiple categories of jobs and all of them will include a category for design.