Popular Types of Phone Cases

A phone case must not only be elegant, it must also be strong enough to give the desired impact resistance. The housing is in many different materials that vary in the degree of protection provided. Here are six of the materials used to create the most popular phone cases:


You can check over here the most cost-effective option to protect the phone is with plastic-made cases. This type of case can give the most basic protection, but is not very effective for the protection of shocks. In addition, poor quality cases in this material can be quite difficult and even scrape the outer surface of the smartphone.


The rubber is appreciated for its ability to give a useful level of impact and protection of shocks, and most are quite inexpensive. They are perfect for giving a tight and adjusted fit, but this material is not the easiest to clean and can easily dirty.

Silicone gel

The case in the silicone gel is also useful for giving a high degree of protection against shock. This type of material does not stretch like rubber and is very thin and lightweight. Many of these cases are colored or translucent to give full control over the appearance and feeling of the phone.

Carbon fiber

The carbon fiber material is perfect for the phone owner who wants a high level of protection. The material is very light and durable and even has the ability to protect a phone from the damage after being deposited on a hardwood or concrete floor. In addition, the case of this material is very elegant and can leave the elegant and high-tech phone.