Innovative Ways to Get Your Child to Stop Thumb Sucking

Sucking a thumb has a variety of negative consequences for children, especially if it continues for a long period of time. Jaws that are not in harmony and bent teeth are only a few. Expensive dental procedures can fix many of these problems, but why through all pain and headaches if you can get your child to stop from the start?

Fortunately on the market there are currently some safe and reliable products that are directed to help children stop sucking thumb (and you can buy them online at cheap prices). You can find (Age 2-7) stop Thumb Sucking,stop FINGER sucking by The Hand Stopper thumb guard for thumb sucking.

(Age 2-7) STOP Thumb Sucking - stop FINGER sucking - The Hand Stopper thumb guard for thumb sucking prevention

3 products that can help your child stop:

If your child has sucked for a long time they might need the attention of the dentist to repair their teeth when they are young and their jaw is still soft. Pediatric Utah dentist specializes in small children's teeth and the best is to find that has a good reputation in your area.

Get your hands on good children's books that teach about eliminating bad habits. A good example is 'Bernstein Bear and Bad Habits'. This book fully focuses on sucking a thumb.

See Thumbsters which is a breathable and comfortable lycra device that children wear on their thumbs to remind them not to suck. This product manufacturer offers it "helps thousands of children to stop thumbs throughout America !!" Recommended for children aged 5-12 and come in one color: Lime Green!

'Thum Liquid' is a product that contains cayenne pepper extracts, citric acid and other ingredients that don't feel too fun to keep your child wearing it. Just spread a few drops to your child's thumb and your kindness to go.