Effective Proposal Writing in Response to a Federal RFP

Looking for new business building techniques? Here are tips for writing effective proposals. You can consider the best RFP Training at The RFP Success Company.

  • Follow the instructions –

Companies that often qualify both submitting proposals are rejected simply because they do not follow instructions and add or delete the requested information. Be sure to review if you are expected to attend a pre-supply meeting, send a few copies, or place the document in a separate folder.

  • Avoid using jargon or acronym –

every industry has its own "language". If you are a company that provides services to other industries, be sure to avoid using special industries or acronyms if possible. For example, my training business provides special services for all types of companies. I have to remind you that this potential client is not familiar with jargon training, so I have to provide additional parts to "educate" other people about training terminology. 

  • Your proposal –

if you have time, and you are the only author, set up a proposal and let it rest for one or two days. Then you can return and easier to edit your documents. If possible, get other writers to correct your proposal. When you write, make sure to turn on spelling checks and grammar to immediately repair the sentence. Plan time to write, review, evaluate, and change your documents. 

  • Participate in the Proposal Writing Workshop –

Even if you are an experienced writer, it never hurts to attend the author's workshop to sharpen your skills. Even if you learn only one technique, you will be empowered to know that you are preparing a proposal in the right way. Many institutions offer local writing workshops including SBA, PTAC centers, and scores.