What Are Prototype Medical Devices?

According to a report in November 2021 by MarketWatch, the market for implantable medical devices is predicted to reach $138.5 billion by 2025. Continue reading to know about prototype medical devices.

Implantable medical devices in addition to Active Implantable Devices

An implantable medical device is an implantable prototype medical device that is placed inside the human body in a surgical procedure or any other intervention for a specific purpose.

prototype medical devices

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A list of medical devices that can be implanted which are commonly used is comprised of artificial joints implanted in breasts and contraceptives Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs), and bone, muscle, and joint fusion equipment.

Another popular type of implantable device for medical use is an implanted access device utilized by patients with weak peripheral vein access or those who require regular access to veins for treatments such as chemotherapy.

According to the FDA, an active prototype medical device is a "medical device that is dependent on an electrical source for energy or power that is not created by gravity or the body itself."

An implantable active medical device is a "medical device that is designed to be completely or in part by surgical or medical procedures inside the human body via medical intervention through a natural orifice and that is designed to remain in place after an operation.