Warranty And Maintenance For Terrazzo Stair Treads

Adding terrazzo stair treads to your home will give it a touch of luxury and class. It's a great choice for both contemporary and traditional settings and can be installed using either professional installation or by yourself using a drill and screws. Terrazzo steps treads need to be cared for properly in order to keep them looking their best.

terrazzo stair treads

Here are some tips for keeping Terrazzo stair treads in good condition:

-Wash them regularly with a gentle detergent and warm water. Don't use harsh cleaners or scouring agents, as this could damage the finish.

-Avoid using heavy objects on the treads, as this could cause them to buckle or crack.

-If they start to show signs of wear or damage, don't hesitate to get them repaired or replaced. A qualified Terrazzo installer can help you make sure your stair treads are looking their best for years to come.

-If they start to show signs of wear, such as cracking or peeling, replace them. Terrazzo stair treads are a high-quality product and should not be treated lightly.

-Don't use waxes or other sealants on Terrazzo stair treads – these products can damage the finish. Instead, use a moisturizer or sealant designed specifically for wood floors.

-If the Terrazzo stair treads get wet, let them dry completely before using them again.

-Avoid walking or standing on the treads when wet. This will cause them to swell and become even more damaged.

-Make sure your Terrazzo stairs are properly lighted – this will help to keep them looking their best.

These are just a few tips to help keep your Terrazzo stair treads in good condition. If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a qualified installer.