Find More About Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment

The most common treatment options of Peripheral Artery Disease are prescription drugs that will only slow the progression of the condition (not treat it) as well as an invasive procedure that involves the placement of an Stent (Angioplasty) which typically only offers temporary relief.

There are a variety of easy, non-stressful exercises that we can engage in at any time which provide similar benefits, but without the requirement of an active, youthful life. It is a good idea to hire the services of pad peripheral artery disease treatment at

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Another factor that contributes to Peripheral Artery Disease is out of balance cholesterol levels. When arteries and veins become less elastic this opens the door to accumulate deposits in the areas where the arteries and veins weren't exercised and remained dormant for a prolonged period of time. This is when the constriction and blockages happen, which results in lower blood flow to the lower extremities.

The prescription drugs do nothing more than halt the progression of the disease, while surgeries are only temporary solutions. The reason behind this is that both techniques are designed to treat symptoms and not the root of the problem.

Doctors are not going to provide this information, even if they are using the information themselves unless they are specialized with natural medicine. The pharmaceutical industry holds such a large influence on the medical field, as well as legislators, that when doctors prescribe natural cures they may be denied their medical license.