All about LED Lighting for Video Production

There has been an increase in the use of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), for digital video production. Recent technological advances have made LEDs relatively affordable. 

Although they are still quite expensive, their prices are not as high as traditional kits like tungsten lights. They can be used for any purpose and will quickly recoup your costs, which can lead to long-term savings. If you are looking for a led video light kit, then you can visit

LS P-1380ASVLK-2 2-Head Bi-Colour Soft LED Light Kit

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There are many reasons why we chose LEDs. They are also very economical. They use less power than tungsten equivalents and are slightly more expensive. LEDs consume 30 times less energy than standard lighting, which means that they not only have lower energy costs but also emit less heat and are more eco-friendly. 

They also last longer than regular lights and do not contain harmful chemicals. Light bulbs made from filaments will eventually deteriorate and lose their effectiveness over time. They can only last for a few months if they are used frequently. LEDs, on the other hand, can last several years or even decades. 

These lights are also portable and durable. Because LEDs do not contain a filament, they are more resistant to shock, vibration, heat, and cold than regular lights. LEDs are lighter and more compact than normal lights, so they can be taken with you to international productions. 

They have one feature that shines for studios: the LED panels glow very quickly. There is no warm-up period or excess heat. 

The recent tests with LED lights showed a warm reception. They are pleasing in color, but slightly blue. You can dim the brightness quickly and there are switches to control which panels are on.