How Explainer Videos Help Promoting Your Business

When does 3 minutes of your time equivalent to thousands of visits to your website? Meanwhile, you need to create a short explainer video that promotes your self-help or business book. 

Once you've created just one of these videos, you can upload them to YouTube and dozens of other free video hosting / sharing websites. 

You can make the same video and share it with your friends on Facebook, post it on your blog, and then hope people will take the embed code and post it on their blog and you will see how explainer videos help businesses.

How Explainer Videos Help Promoting Your Business

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A 3-minute video can generate thousands of views on your website and promote your book or business. Now imagine making 50 additional videos, do the math. How much engagement can you generate for your company? It's almost a shock to think about it.

How much time is too much to promote your business. In times of intense competition, you must do everything possible to succeed. You have a message that needs to be conveyed to the world, a message that can change lives. 

Don't hold back when it comes time to promote yourself in a powerful force like the internet. You can find tips for making beautiful videos. 

Keep up with good lighting and framing techniques that will add a nice professional touch to your videos. Videos help build your brand and establish you as an expert in your field. The more professional you look, the more professional your company will be.