The Fundamentals of Borrowing from Hard Money Lenders

The hard money lender has always been the last resort for real estate developers that want to conclude a deal but have no funds. There are times when investors make use of this type of loan even though they have funds.

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Here are some fundamentals you need to be aware of:

They are much easier to convince as compared with traditional lenders. Some have called hard money lending "easy access for credit" and the reason is that they are. Since lenders who are hard money, also referred to as lenders who are private, generally operate independently so you don't have to convince a large number of people to approve your loan. 

If the lender is willing to say yes to you, you're done. No need for approval from other employees and office bosses. Conventional lenders generally require approval from a particular number of employees prior to releasing loans.

One reason that private lenders don't take the time to process loans is that they have a different approach for evaluating applicants. When traditional lenders assess your creditworthiness in relation to their credit scores, the private lender will think about the deal you're offering. 

They'd like to know what deal you'd like to conclude with their money, and if you'll be able to pay them back with the money you earn from the deal. For example, if you plan to renovate the property, they'll determine if the house is able to generate profits. 

They will consider how you'll transform the old house into a brand-new home. If they determine that you are capable of repaying the loan by way of this deal, they'll finance it.