The Truth About Low Speed Auto Accidents

Countless auto collisions happen every day. And each day tens of thousands are injured. Researchers say that the vast majority of injury claims happen at relatively low rates of approximately 12 mph. This causes enormous disputes involving injured parties and the insurance providers which are liable for compensating them for their harms.

To insurance companies, there is not any rate where they wish to acknowledge and harm could occur. For economical reasons they attempt to discount in its entirety as though it does not exist. If you need auto body equipment then you can visit Innovative Solutions & Technology stores in the US.

The Truth About Low Speed Auto Accidents

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As a result of current incontrovertible research studies demonstrating the presence and specific mechanism of whiplash accidents, carriers are hard pushed to try out the"whiplash is a hoax" defense almost as much as previously.

A more recent strategy is to maintain the rate of the crash is too low to induce harm. The defense frequently depends upon their guaranteed's reports of how quickly they were moving when they ran to the rear of another party-obviously biased info. In other instances, photos of automobile harm are used to demonstrate a minimal rate.

Many times, the photos have been shown to an Accident Reconstructionist who by simply looking at photographic harm leaves an opinion regarding how quickly the vehicles were traveling. They'll even go so far as to make announcements like "the evidence indicates there was an inadequate force to trigger human physiological harm…" This would be laughable if it did not cause numerous problems for injured victims.

Automobiles built today are armed with back bumpers made to not demonstrate any harmless than 5 mph. To decrease repair costs supplied by insurance providers, crash criteria were adapted to support back bumpers must defy a 5 mph crash right into a predetermined barrier (wall, rod, etc) with no visible evidence of injury.