Difference Between Soft Serve And Ice Cream

Soft serve is also a type of ice cream. As the name suggests, soft-serve ice cream is softer than other types of ice cream. Soft serve usually contain less milk fat than ice cream. It contains about 3-6% milk fat. You can also look for Australia’s best soft serve via https://bondiicecreamco.com/.

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It is also made at a temperature of about -4°C, which is relatively higher than the temperature used in making ice cream. The proportion of air or overflow is also much higher with soft serve. Soft portions can contain up to 60% air. This amount of air increases the volume, but also makes the ice melt quickly,

Another significant difference can be seen in the preparation process. Air is worked into the soft ice cream during the freezing method. But with hard ice, the air is stirred into the mixture before it freezes.

Difference Between Soft Serve and Ice Cream

Ice cream is a frozen dessert that everyone loves. It tastes sweet, soft, smooth, and melts on the tongue. But the soft serve is ice cream that is even softer and more delicate than regular ice cream. 

The main difference between soft-serve ice cream and ice cream is that ice cream contains more milk fat than soft serve ice cream. Soft Serve is aerated and continuously stirred during freezing where ice Cream is churned and aerated before freezing.