Pamper Yourself With Flower Bath Spa Session


Would you love it if your body is soaked in aromatic flower petals? You can pour on some flower petals, herbal or flower oils, and essences to your bathtub to make the bathing place therapeutic.

You can also experience the warmth of a flower bath by booking a session at

The rose flower is known for being a symbol of timeless beauty. The rose petals can be added to the bathtub, due to their fragrance, which acts as a classic scent for a reason. It subtly adds a sense of romance to the air. A spa treatment helps you achieve peace and serenity as you will be taken through a world where you will become relaxed as you get pampered and experience a revitalizing vacation.

Though not a medical procedure, it helps in maintaining good health. A spa consists of massage, skin exfoliation, bathing in flower tub, hot spring, steam, yoga, Aromatherapy, meditation and various types of body wraps makes the name spa body treatment to be appropriate.

As the saying goes beauty is from within – a healthy body is a secret to beauty. Also, the flower bath has become similar to spa beauty treatments. There are very few spas and resorts that offer such treatments across the globe.