Finding A Driving Instructor

With the many driving instructors and schools, picking the best driving instructor for you could be a difficult task. The list of instructors for driving will tell you absolutely nothing regarding how great they are.

Review sites where people comment on their experiences with instructors can assist you in selecting the right instructor. If you are looking for a professional driving instructor, then you can visit

Make some recommendations

However, don't count on them 100 100%. Talk to your friends and family to get personal recommendations, too.

Don't be frightened even if you've never heard of any recommendations. Often instructors with the highest ratings are so busy with word of mouth that they don't even need to create an entire color advertisement to draw new customers.

Pass Rates

An instructor who has a pass rate of 70% might appear more appealing than an instructor who has a 40% pass rate percent, you should always take these figures with an equal amount of salt. Each person calculates these figures in a different way, so comparing numbers may not be a good idea.

Grade of Driving Instructor

The driving standards agency examines the quality of instructors registered with them and awards them a grade between 1 to 6. 

The grade is determined by the examiner's observations of a one-hour class with the instructor every four or more years, so it isn't the most reliable method of grading. 

You'll spend hours in a small group and will likely experience several stressful moments, so it's vital that you are at ease and trust your instructor.