Learn How to Treat Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is afraid to travel in airplanes such as Claustrophobia or Agoraphobia. It's important to note that fear of flying is not a single phobia. Most people who fear flying are claustrophobic, or frightened of being locked in the plane and unable to choose when to get off.

The anxiety of someone who has flying phobia causes you to have a typical anxiety symptom felt by the type of fear. Some of these symptoms are nauseous, vomiting, tightness in your chest or in your throat, trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing, sweating, tremor, and even panic attacks.

Uncomfortable for sufferers and uncomfortable for people around their sufferers, because they are helpless in what they can do to entertain you. If people who suffer from fear will fly having a bad experience in the past when flying this will only increase their anxiety. You can consider the best course of flying fear to overcome your flying anxiety.

Overcoming flying phobias is almost important for people who are afraid of flying. There are many ways that can be found to overcome this problem. This assistance comes in the form of educating people, therapy, personal therapy or group therapy, self-help books, and audiotapes. There is even a virtual reality session that you can take to help overcome this phobia, as well as free online courses.

When you first start to experience anxiety while flying, you need to ask yourself if you are afraid of what IS happening or what MAY happen. What most people find is that what truly is bothering them on the plane most likely isn't real, they are the thoughts and feelings you have created in your mind.

This is where you need to mentally sit yourself down, get yourself back into reality and realize that you are perfectly safe and secure onboard the airplane. Deep breathing has been known to help, as well as progressive muscle relaxation, both of these skills can easily be learned to help you overcome your fear of flying. 

For people with concerns about the airplane actually crashing, you may find relief by learning about flying and the aviation industry in the free report available from the Fear Flying website.