How To Raise Capital From Family Office Investors In UAE?

This article provides some tips and strategies for UAE family office investors to raise capital. Because FOs typically only serve individuals and families with very high net worth, they are a source of very large concentrations of wealth. 

What this means for savvy marketers and advertisers is that by building just a few relationships in this space, you can potentially quickly increase your AUM if you manage funds, or meet your sales or transaction quotas if you work at a bank. If you also want to increase your capital visit to consult a family advisor in UAE.

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Here are our top tips for raising capital for a family office business:

  • Don’t be careless, call 100-200 companies at once and review these contacts for 6-12 months before turning to new potential contacts to work with.
  • Start locally and meet as many FOs as you can in your city and state. Every face-to-face meeting requires 5 decent phone calls to prospects
  • Do a little research before calling the FO so that you don’t sound like a sales professional when you pick them up on the phone, but act like an industry insider rather than someone trying to offer something
  • Play the role of a doctor in the industry, build your knowledge of how these companies operate, then engage them in a way that positions you as an authority. One way to do this is to ask more questions than others. By asking dozens of questions, you get to know their business very well and this leads to real experience in this niche as well as respect.

These tips will help you avoid some common mistakes and raise more capital faster than your competitors in this particular area of ​​the investment industry.