Understanding The Concept of PET in Hawaii

Preform is an article made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (also known as PET). The preform product  is usually made using an injection system. It then gets blown into a container to hold edible or non-edible liquids.Preforms are made from raw material resin beads.The resin, which naturally absorbs atmospheric humidity, must be put through a drying and dehumidification process before it’s used. From the silo, resin flows to our industrial dryers that sit above our HyPet Systems. It is here where the resin is heated and dried at a temperature of 170°F.

preform product

In practice, the machine produces a tube-shaped object that has a threaded neck and is transformed into a container to identify a brand.

Both companies that create packaging for third-party companies and industries that produce all phases of production in-house, including the creation of PET articles and bottling, use preforms.

It is important to know the technical characteristics of the molds and machines used in the production of preforms. They are crucial for fundamental aspects like:

  • Production speed

  • product quality,

  • Power consumption

  • Process costs

  • Maintenance frequency.

A key aspect of the beverage sector is the need for customization.

Food companies are becoming more eco-sustainable and are seeking bottling solutions that have a lower environmental impact. PET lighting represents a significant step forward in this area, as well as bringing benefits to companies in terms of both reduced costs and higher earnings.