The Benefits of Electric Brakes For Your Towing Needs

It's a well-known fact that electric brakes are more reliable and offer better weight distribution, but what other benefits do they have? Find out in this article!

What are Electric Brakes?

Electric brakes are a type of braking system that uses an electric motor to apply the brakes. This type of brake is typically found on heavier vehicles such as RVs and trailers. Electric brakes offer a number of advantages over traditional hydraulic brakes, including improved braking performance and increased safety.

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One of the biggest advantages of electric brakes is their improved braking performance. Because electric brakes are activated by an electric motor, they can provide instantaneous braking power. This means that they can stop a vehicle more quickly and effectively than hydraulic brakes. Electric brakes also tend to be more consistent in their stopping power, which leads to shorter stopping distances and fewer accidents.

Another advantage of electric brakes is their increased safety. Electric brakes are not affected by changes in pressure or temperature, which can cause problems with hydraulic brakes. This means that electric brakes will always work properly, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, electric brakes can be equipped with anti-lock features that prevent the wheels from locking up during sudden stops. This can help to avoid accidents and injuries.

How do Electric Brakes Work?

Electric brakes work by using a magnet to create friction against the wheel of your trailer. This friction is what slows and stops the trailer. Electric brakes are often used in combination with hydraulic brakes, which use fluid pressure to create friction.