How To Make A Perfect Dance Video On The Dance Challenge

We all have that friend who dances like nobody’s watching. They might be a little off-beat but you love them anyway. So what can you do for your friend who takes their dancing seriously? You could start a dance challenge!

What is a Dance Challenge?

Dance Challenge is an app where people create choreographies and dance videos. The challenge began back in 2016 when a viral video of a dancer being wildly judged went viral on YouTube and Instagram. Since then, the task has become an internet sensation and now people love to see their friends’ dance videos. You can search for video dance challenge online at

Campus Dance Drive 2018 | RECAP | uDOu PH

How to get started

If you are new to the Dance Challenge, here is a quick guide for how to begin. The first step is to sign up for a free account and provide some basic information about yourself and your dance group. Next, find some music that you know well enough to dance to. You will want at least one full song that lasts approximately three minutes. Once you have found your song, make sure you download it so that you can use it on the Dance Challenge website. Once this is done, start practicing!

Follow the steps for success

One thing that separates a good dance video from a bad one is how much effort you put into the video. This means following the steps for success. For example, uploading the video too late may lead to an unsuccessful attempt because the challenge may already be over. Editing your dance to focus on individual moves and not include unnecessary extras can greatly improve the quality of your video.

The Dance Challenges challenge people to learn dance skills from scratch. Some of the more popular videos on this channel are instructional videos, but there are also dance videos like freestyle, breakdancing, and choreography.