All About Cigar Factory Tour In Tampa

Tampa has a history of cigar production, earn it the nickname the City of Cigars. On this tour, explore the Tampa Cigar Factory and see how hand-rolled Cuban cigars are made.

Learn all regarding Tampa's cigar heritage, see craftsmen at work, and end the tour with a cup of Cuban coffee. For more information on the Cuban Factory Tour in Tampa, you can click here now.

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Here, you will walk through the rebirth of the hand-rolled cigar in the United States with enthusiasm. While exploring a factory , head to Havana's Old World Diversion at a time when relations with Cuba seem to be heading in a new direction. 

Try the approach used to make the world's best cigars in the historic city of ybor. A cup of coffee is also included.

Meet in the afternoon or evening at the Habanero Cigar Factory in Tampa, where management offers a wealth of information. Find out how Tampa partnered with the cigar market.

Discover the method of making handcrafted cigars along with cigar rolls, as well as the quality control process at the Tabanero factory.

Dare to get into the snuffbox and learn about the aging process. Check for different flavors by carefully examining the tobacco leaf on the tobacco box. At the end of the tour as a demonstration of the best way to cut, beat, knock and drop a handmade cigar lighter.