Tips And Benefits Of Jogging And Running

Jogging is an excellent form of exercise and can help you get fit within a few weeks. If you have been avoiding your goal of becoming a runner up until now, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Are you a new runner? Do you want to run as a way to improve your fitness? Before lacing up your shoes, here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • As a new runner, you shouldn’t run the entire distance of your goal in one running session. Instead, break your running routine down into short intervals. There is also no shame in walking in between the intervals. You can even ask the experts via if you are facing any kind of cellulite issues in your body.

Try jogging for two minutes and then walk for two minutes. You can gradually increase the intervals by one minute each workout until you feel like you can run the entire distance without walking. It’s best to run the first few sessions at a pace you can handle and without any expectations. If not, you’re more likely to lose your motivation.

  • In order for your body to get used to the new stresses and strains that come with running, you don’t want to start out running too fast. Even if you are doing walk/jog/run intervals, you should slow it down to avoid overexertion, pain, or even injuries. When you give your body time to slowly get used to the new demands you are putting on it, you’ll have long-term success.
  • Schedule your sessions so you are running one day and resting the day after. This simple training plan can help you accomplish the best potential out of your workouts and avoid overuse injuries. Your body needs to adapt to the new demands on the cardiovascular system, which also means that it needs to rest in order to be able to prepare your muscles and bones for the next run.