Tips On Choosing The Right Tent

With a variety of tents on the market today, confusion and stagnation can easily occur when it comes to making a decision. How can you choose the most suitable tent for your hiking, backpacking, and camping needs? With a few simple but effective tips, you can find a tent that you like and that will serve you well.

The simple question about the type of camping you will do is an important factor in finding out which tent is right for you. You can also purchase the high-quality surplus tents for outdoor camping.

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Its weight varies greatly between different tent styles. The weight of the camping car is irrelevant because you are not pulling it for long distances. Tents like this must have strong poles, double seams and good ventilation properties.

Weighs 7 to 20 pounds. Base camp tents should be lighter, but many weighs 6 to 10 pounds, be built sturdy, with single or double walls, and the ability to bet very well. Solo travelers will want tents of 3 pounds or lighter, and some choose tents as very ultralight shelters.

Another common sense is the year you will camp. If spring, summer or autumn is your choice, then the 3-season tent is what you need. Winter camping is a completely separate category, something technical and something that is slowly being penetrated by many camps from 3 seasons. However, you want a tent that can withstand rain and wind.