Understanding The Water Bottling Process in Hawaii

Water is a sensitive product on both microbiological as well as chemical levels. The main challenge in bottled water processing is to produce high quality bottled water products   that are free from protozoa and pathogenic organisms. This could reduce the shelf life of the product and pose a threat to customers.

bottled water products

Although the production of bottled water processes can vary depending on the product or application. The process is basically the same and can be modified to meet your needs.

Following are the steps involved in processing bottled water in Hawaii:

  • Water Filtration

Water must not contain contaminants that could spoil its quality or reduce its shelf-life, or pose a threat to consumers.

  • Tank venting

To ensure that water is not contaminated, the air in the storage tank should be free from microorganisms.

  • Carbonation

Carbonation refers to the process of adding carbon dioxide into a beverage. It is used for sparkling water production. You must ensure that the CO2 you inject into your water is free from microorganisms and particles.

  • Bottle Blower and bottle washer

It is vital to use a reliable and safe container in order to preserve the quality and shelf life of your beverage.

These are the steps involved in processing bottled water in Hawaii. To turn pre-forms into final PET bottles, the air in the bottle blower must be clean. Its filtration ensures that a bottle with low bioburden is made. Any PET bottle process involves bottle blowing. It is important that the water used to rinse PET bottles be clean and free from contaminants. This ensures that bottles are filled with good quality before being filtered.