Fingerprint Access Systems For Employee In Australia

Imagine no longer needing a key to access your home or office! Your fingers are all the buttons! You don't have to carry multiple keys with you all the time to gain access to multiple doors. The fingerprint access system allows you to enter without a key by verifying your identity. Just place your thumb or forefinger on the fingerprint scanner. The biometric fingerprint attendance system then compares the fingerprints with those in the central authentication database. The whole process can take less than a second.

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If you're a landlord, you don't have to worry about the tenant not being able to return the keys when moving to another apartment. If you change the tenant, you do not need to change the key for security reasons, as you, as the person in charge of the system, can delete this user with the press of a button.

As a systems manager, you have complete control over the system and can delegate the system manager's powers to others as you wish, while retaining your power. If the system sensors do not need to function as they should, there are alternative backup mechanisms. There may be a built-in PIN or mechanical key that can clear the sensor settings.

Fingerprint recognition is considered one of the most secure access control methods. The system only recognizes live fingerprints and the copied fingerprints are immediately discarded. Every time someone opens the door, the time and date are automatically recorded so you can track and monitor everyone as they enter. With this feature, the system can be used in offices, factories or organizations to record employee attendance.