Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening

In today's highly competitive economic environment, companies cannot be tracked by employee issues such as workplace violence, theft, fake resumes, embezzlement, harassment or fictitious compensation claims.

Employers are increasingly turning to pre-hiring screening as an important risk management tool for trying to hire problem employees. At the same time, companies are becoming more cost conscious. You can browse online to know about professional screening services in the United States and Canada.

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Despite the obvious benefits of pre-hiring screening, management often expects security and human resources professionals to get more results with fewer resources. The challenge for safety and human resources professionals is finding ways to implement an effective pre-recruitment screening program that is also inexpensive.

Such a program has four objectives:

– First, the program must demonstrate that the employer takes care in recruiting. This means that the employer takes reasonable steps to determine if an applicant is suitable for work.

Second, effective screening obtains factual information about candidates to complement the impression made only from the interview. It is also a valuable tool for assessing the accuracy of an applicant's CV.

– Third, effective prep work serves to prevent the candidate from hiding anything. Applicants with serious criminal records are less likely to apply to companies that have announced they will be conducting early surveillance.

– Finally, the background screening program should encourage candidates to be honest in their applications and interviews. Because candidates are notified that a background check will be conducted, candidates are motivated to disclose information about themselves that they believe can be disclosed.