What is involved in an auto restoration?

1. Gather the necessary tools: You will need a drill, wrench, screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, measuring tape, safety glasses, and a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment.

2. Prepare the surface: Before starting any work on your car, make sure to clean it up as best you can. Be sure to take care not to damage any plastic or rubber parts.

3. Remove the old parts: Start by removing the pieces of the old car that you don’t want to restore. This could include the hood, front bumper, and taillights.

Why might someone want to restore their own vehicle ? 

There are a few reasons  someone might want to restore their own vehicle. Maybe they don't like the idea of someone else controlling their car's destiny, or maybe they just want to learn more about the process. Whatever the reason, doing an Auto restoration  yourself can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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 What are the tips for a Successful Auto Restoration ? 

1. Have a Plan

2. Research Your Options

3. Get Professional Help If You Need It

4. Follow the Instructions Carefully

5. Be Patient… And Persistent

6. Be Prepared For Repairs And Troubleshooting

Here are some basic tips for doing an auto restoration yourself: 

1. Make a list of all the repairs you plan on making and find Parts catalogs or online sources for specific parts. 

2. Remove as much of the old paint and trim as possible before starting your project- this will help save time and money in the long run. 

3. Buy quality tools and supplies- don’t try to cut corners here! Cheap tools will almost always result in poorer quality work, so invest in high-quality items that will last.