Types Of Attic Conversions To Consider Before Remodeling

In the case of remodeling your attic, there are certain aspects you should consider beforehand. It's important that the area is safe and sound, as well as ventilated and lit. If you have an unused room in your home to convert.

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Sketch of an Attic Conversion

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, you may want to consider attic conversions. A conversion is a great way to increase the space in your home without having to tear down walls or build out from scratch. 

One type of conversion is a loft conversion. This is essentially an attic turned into a living space. The benefit of loft conversion is that it provides more storage space and often features better ventilation than a regular attic. 

Another type of conversion is a full-height conversion. This is exactly what it sounds like: You turn your attic into a full room by adding extra floor space above it. This type of conversion is usually much cheaper than a loft conversion, and it doesn't require any special technical expertise. 

Finally, there is a hybrid option for attic conversions. This involves combining elements of two different types of conversions: a loft and full-height

Some of the most common types of conversions are below:

Loft Conversion: A loft conversion is a simple and cost-effective way to convert an attic into another use in your home. This is the most common type of conversion, and it involves converting an attic into a bedroom, bathroom, or recreation area.

Downstairs Bedroom Conversion: If you want to use your attic space for storage or as a bedroom, a downstairs bedroom conversion is the best option for you. Downstairs bedroom conversions involve removing the original flooring and installing an additional layer of insulation and flooring in the attic space. 

Attic Cooling: If you live in a hot climate, an attic conversion may be the best option for you. This type of conversion involves installing an air conditioning unit in your attic space. By installing an air conditioning unit in your attic, you can cool down your entire home without having to install any new walls or ceilings.