Upgrading And Understanding A Bolt Action Airsoft Gun

In this post, we're going to look at the various components of a spring bolt airsoft gun, and the reason to make them more modern. Are you familiar with the model? Perhaps you've read our blog post about upgrading your AEG airsoft firearm. 

If not, you'll need to read it as it covers the fundamental elements of an airsoft gun including the barrel and spring however in this article we'll go over the details that pertain to a bolt-action spring-loaded airsoft gun. If you want to buy arca rails, visit https://www.mountaintactical.com/.


Beginning with the cylindrical. If you're buying the cylinder, you can choose between the high polish or Teflon polished cylinder. Both will provide an easier, smoother pull of the bolt and with Teflon on the cylinder, there is no need to lubricate it, which is a benefit. 

You can also change the handle of your bolt. It is often up to preference, but generally speaking, the larger the bolt handle, the easier it will be to get your gun cocked. A spring stopper helps to keep the cylinder in its position. It is recommended to upgrade this by increasing the velocity of the muzzle (a larger spring) and the sears.

The trigger sear is used to hold the spring back and helps keep your airsoft firearm in a cocked position. If you're looking to upgrade your spring, it is essential to upgrade your trigger sear. 

These will be the parts that will be distinct from the AEG airsoft weapon. If you're in search of more details, we strongly suggest you read our article on upgrading your AEG airsoft rifle and take a look at our complete line of airsoft rifles with springs.