Hosting wine tasting parties is a great choice for someone who wants to gather with friends, but wants to try something different. Less intensive works than dinner parties, wine tasting parties are pleasant and educating for everyone. Here are tips to hold a perfect wine tasting party. You may consider the best wine tasting course to taste wine like a pro.

Step 1: Preparation

Tasting wine works best with small groups, usually eight to twelve people. The equipment you need is a bottle opener, one glass of wine per person, wine charm for every glass, paper, and pencil for everyone, a cup of plastic for every guest, water climate water, and/or bread to clean the ceiling between taste,

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Step 2: Wine Choice

Here your choice is wide open, depending on your personal taste. For the simple tasting, select 3 bottles of each white and red wine. Other options are choosing themes for the night, such as Chardonnay wine in the price range of $ 10 to $ 20, Provence wine tasting, tasting cabernet wine, or even wine less than $ 8. Find a suitable theme for your group and wine samples based on the theme.

Step 3: Prepare to taste

Every guest must have a mat for their wine glasses and every glass of wine must have a wine charm. This will keep glasses not mixed. Everyone will also need a notepad card or taste to continue to write down their thoughts about every wine. And no less important, everyone will need a plastic cup.